I live in an old farm house and I love to decorate it with rustic items I find laying around in the garage or in the cute little tool shed in my front yard. Before I moved in, I was snooping around in the tool shed when I found some deer antlers hanging in the back. I decided to dust them off and use them as decoration in my house once I moved in. I actually posted a picture of them on my personal Facebook page recently and thought since I planned on making another I would just go ahead and show how I made them.

Project inspired by A Beautiful Mess.

Things you’ll need

  • Deer antlers- no sheds! Must be still be attached to the skull

  • Fake floral stems

  • Green felt

  • Hot glue gun with sticks

  • Scissors

  • Wire cutters

  • Burlap table runner

  • Wooden picture frame

  • Drill

Let's get started!


  • First cut down the flowers off of their stems.

  • Hot glue the green felt to the back of each flower. This makes it easier to hot glue them on the skull.

  • Arrange your flowers the way you'd like them presented on your antlers.

  • Then get to it! I started with the long stems then filled in the rest.

  • I then hot glued a large round felt piece on the back of the skull so it wouldn't catch on anything. The back of mine had some jagged edges.

  • Set finished antlers a side


  • Cut a piece of burlap to fit the back of the picture frame. Hot glue the burlap to the back of the frame.

  • Put the frame together, tuck in the edge. Trim off the excess burlap that is sticking out.

Attach the antlers to the frame-

  • Make a mark on the front of your picture frame of where you would like it to be attached at.

  • Then make a hole through that mark.

  • Requiring two people- have one person hold antlers tight against the front of the frame while the other person drills into the hole from the back.

And there you go!


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