In my first post, I mentioned that I hadn't been feeling myself lately. I was feeling irritated, testy and annoyed. For many, those feelings tend to come around more frequently during this time of year. This is called seasonal effective disorder (SAD). SAD symptoms include fatigue, depression, changes in appetite, feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, loss of personal interests, sleep issues and irritation. I have made a list of 6 things that have been helping me out this season. I'm not saying following these 6 things will completely eliminate your winter sadness but they sure have been helping me overcome mine.

Let there be light

It's dark when I leave for work and dark when I get off of work. So when the weekend comes I open up all my shades and let in as much light as possible. It's such a simple way to help boost your mood. For the passed couple of weeks, our weather has been rainy and foggy so when the sun was out on Saturday my whole mood changed. It was like I was a whole different person.


I love the power of music. I believe it has the affect to change the way you feel. I constantly have music playing at my house. Whether it's playing while I'm getting ready, cleaning, working, or doing a project, it always seems to get me pumped up and helps give me that boost I need to get me going.

Go outside

Being outside is great for your soul. I know it's ugly right now with no leaves on the trees, no snow on the ground, everything's brown and dreary but just do it! I love the outdoors and winter tends to stop me from enjoying it because of those reasons but I still try and make it outside. Go to the nearest state park for the afternoon or take a short road trip to a fun hiking area. Believe me, you'll feel better. Just get outside!

Eat well

Our food choices can affect not only our bodies but our mood as well during the winter. Make an effort to watch what you are snacking on. Eating junk makes you feel like junk! It’s easy to fall into snacking on unhealthy foods but make sure you are staying on track and eating well. Eating healthy helps boost your immune system and helps give you energy. So this winter make sure you are sticking to a diet that helps give you the nutrition you need too stay happy and healthy.

Get moving

I'm not trying to encourage you to go to the gym or do any intense home work outs, I just want you to get yourself moving. Try starting your morning by doing a few stretches, crunches, or squats while you wait for your shower to warm up. Not hard at all. This is what I've started doing and it's been working out great for me! I feel it's been such a great way to start my day!

Get out of the house

It’s so easy to become a homebody during the winter. You tend to loose that desire to go anywhere or do anything. We all get in that winter funk were we just want to lay around and rot all day. Break that pattern and go out and find something fun to do! Go to the city for the day, try something new, take a class, or just meet up with an old friend. Even try planing ahead. Having a set plan for you to look forward to will help give you that boost to get you through the week.

These are a few things that help me get through the winter and I would love to hear some from you! Do you have anything I did not mention that you do to help cope with the winter blues? Please fill free to comment in the section below!


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