Hello Hello! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I, for one, sure did! Took a quick overnight trip to the Wisconsin Dells, spent the day at Kalahari's indoor water park and explored the newly opened ice castles. Yes, of course the indoor water park was cool and all but I'm super excited to show you my ice castle experience. Lets just say, I strongly suggest adding this to your bucket list this winter!

What are ice castles?

Ice castles are made from water droplets formed from drip pipes. The water droplets create these ice architectural formations that weigh about 25,000,000 lbs and are about 10’ thick. Wisconsin Dells is actually one location out of 5 to have these ice castles made. I bet you didn't know that something this magical was so close to home, did ya!? Almost felt like I stepping into the movie Frozen.

The ice castles experience through a few pictures!

I don't want to share everything. I want to leave it up to you to see for yourself. When you do go remember to explore it all! Be a kid again!

Tips for visiting Wisconsin Dells Ice Castles

Book your tickets before

Book your tickets online before visiting. When ordering your tickets you are required to select a time slot of when you will be arriving. Be sure you are there between your selected time! I selected the first available window and was super happy I did. We got there early and was second in line. We handed them our tickets, signed a waiver and went right in. So easy!

What to wear

Dress appropriately. I would recommend wearing warm clothing and snow boots. Abby described it perfectly, she said that the ground felt like she was walking on sand. That sounds really weird but it actually does! The ground moved just like how sand does when you walk on it. No joke!


Hit the slide first! Once the crowd comes in the line gets long quick!

Check for updates

Like Ice Castles WI on Facebook for updates on their hours. Due to the warmer weather recently they had closed the ice castles for a few days. I found their Facebook page very helpful. They post frequent updates which made it easy to stayed connected with any changes in the schedule.

Ice Castles

Wisconsin dells

911-977 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy

Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

Visit their website for pricing, hours and tickets.

Thank you & ICE-talavista, baby!

- Kelsey

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