Ahh! My heart is so full right now! This weekend I took a drive down to Arcola, IL and spent the afternoon at Aikman Wildlife Adventure. I honestly had no idea we had something like this so close to home! I'm super excited to share my experience with you and hopefully encourage you to check it out!

About Aikman Wildlife Adventure

Aikman Wildlife Adventure is the home to a variety of wildlife. They house over 150 animals and over 50 different species. The park consists of a mile long safari drive-thru, walk-thru zoo, indoor area with gift and snack shop, petting zoo, wagon tour, and even a behind-the-scene animal experience. This place is still pretty new to central Illinois but expect big things from this attraction in the near future!

Drive-Thru Adventure

The Drive-Thru Adventure allows you to take your own vehicle through and around the sanctuary. You are able to see several different animals right from the comfort of your car. We did not experience the Drive-Thru just because we did the Behind-the-scenes Tour instead. Like all attractions there are rules you must follow. It’s for your safety and the safety of the animals. Make sure you are aware of them before you enter.

Indoor Adventure

The Indoor Adventure allows you to see the different critters such as some reptiles, lemurs and different birds. You are also able to experience the Learning Center and gift shop right inside as well. Make sure you check out the miniature model of the park to see want will be coming soon.

Wagon Tour Adventure

The Wagon Tour takes you on a wagon ride through the park where you are able to feed the animals and get a great insight of the place by the tour guide.

Walk- Thru Adventure

The Walk-Thru Adventure is where you are able to just roam around the facility and see the different animals in their habitats. They also have Camel rides on specific days. We visited on Sunday so Camel rides were not an option that day but believe me I would have been first in line!

Petting Zoo

The Petting Zoo lets you interact with specific animals. They sell cups of feed for $1 if you would like to feed them as well.

Behind-the-scenes Adventure

The Behind-the-scenes Adventure Tour was the ultimate way to experience the place. James, the owner of Aikman Wildlife Adventure took us on the tour himself. Not going to lie, felt kind of special. Almost felt as if it was a private tour just for Jono & I. But anyway, James gave us such a great insight of his property and the animals there. The tour started off in the petting zoo area where we were able to pet and feed the goats, llamas, deer, miniature cows and alpaca. The porcupines and coati, a relative to the raccoon, were also indoors but will return to there outdoor exhibit when it gets a bit warmer. After the petting area we walked around and seen several other different species around the park which included, the Hyenas, Servals, Patagnian Maras, wolf pups, and the Silver Foxes. He also took us inside of the Kangaroo pen and were able to pet them as they relaxed in the sun. The tour ended in a UTV ride out in the sanctuary. We then we bombarded with critters wanting food. It was great! James drove us around and introduced us to all the animals there. It was seriously such a great experience.

I really enjoyed my time and had such an amazing experience. I can not wait to see what this place will become in a few years! If you have time, I highly recommend heading down for the afternoon! It was about an 1hr and 30min drive for me. It took no time to get there! If you have been before, I would love to hear your experience. Please fill free share in the comment section below!

Location and Directions

Aikman Wildlife Adventure

125 N Co RD 425E

Arcola, IL 61910

Aikman Wildlife Adventure is about 5 miles West of I-57.


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