Hello everyone! I know, I know. I've been slacking on bloggin' lately. I've just been doing my own thing out here & haven't been too worried about my blog just yet. I've been busy with the new job, familiarizing myself with the area, trying to meet people.. Seriously everything's great! Since I did have some time tonight, I thought I'd share a few things that I've learned so far about the Salt Lake City area.

What I’ve learned so far about salt lake city

  • First of all..the amazing views!! I literally look out my bedroom window every morning and am in complete awe in how beautiful the mountains are. I still can't believe this is my home!

  • Getting around Salt Lake City is really easy once you understand. The county has this grid system- It's really nice!

  • For a city, traffic really isn't that bad.

  • Drink lots of water! "Life elevated"

  • Super clean city.

  • Yes, lots of Mormons! I have nothing against them! Both my roommates are LDS & they're amazing!

  • An extra holiday-July 24th is an official holiday here. It's called Pioneer Day *pie & beer day for non-Mormons. Yup, I had that day off. Be jealous!

  • Lots and lots of homeless! Like no joke!

  • Some great eats! The restaurants are amazing!

  • This ones sad...No Jeep waves! I've only had like one person in a Jeep wave at me. Now I don't even care anymore... BUT.. whenever I see a hot guy driving a Jeep, I make sure I give him a wave! ;)

  • There isn’t much for humidity.

  • The city is like dead on Sundays. Most shops and places are closed on Sundays.

  • Jobs!

  • Easy access to the mountains.

  • Shopping! I have never been a shopper but since everything is so close I have a hard time not going & spending money.

  • Not much for ‘bad’ neighborhoods. I actually feel really safe everywhere I go.

  • Um, lets not forget that the guys are extremely freaking good looking here! But you better act quick because they could be married in a month or two. From what I've noticed dating is no joke around here! They take that shit serious!

  • Everyone is super friendly!

  • ...People think I have an accent.

  • 4th of July fireworks are way cooler when you get to experience them from the mountains looking down in the valley.

  • Lots and lots of things to do! There is literally something going on everyday! It's great!

If you have visited or lived in Salt Lake City before I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the area. What about things I should try..Do you have anything you would recommend checking out? I'll make sure to add them on my list of things to do!


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