Today I went ahead and treated myself to a pedicure at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. Why there? Well, I didn't sign up for an ordinary pedicure. I tried out SeaQuest's Fish Spa.

What is a Fish Pedicure?

A fish spa or fish pedicure is where you place your feet in a small fish tank filled with tiny fish. The fish that are used for fish pedicures are called Garra Rufa. Garra Rufa are also known as Doctor Fish. The Doctor Fish will happily eat away the dead skin on your feet and toes.

My Fish Pedicure Experience!

I showed up early to my appointment. While I waited I was able to feed the Stingray, for free! Ahh! They were so much fun to feed. One of the employee's son, who was volunteering for the day showed me what I needed to do to feed them. He also even gave me a quick lesson about the Stingrays. He explained the different kinds of stingrays as well as how to tell if they are female or male. You could tell he was so into it!

When they were ready for me, they sat me in the chair where I took my shoes off there. The fish took no time to start nibbling at my legs, feet & toes. I didn't really like when they were in between my toes though. The only way I can explain it is that it felt like I had flip flops on. The pair that aren't comfortable and irritate the area between your toes.. I don't know why but it just bothered me. Haha! But overall, it was a fun experience. I enjoyed it!

I was a bit skeptical just because I'm not sure how sanitary it really is. Some states actually have banned fish spas. But, honestly you should take caution whenever choosing any salon or spa you go to. Just use your best judgement. I signed up for the first opening to make myself feel better about trying it out. I thought that SeaQuest did a great job taking care of their spa area as well as the whole aquarium.

Benefits of a fish pedicure

  • Natural exfoliation of dead skin

  • Leave feet feeling soft, smooth & healthy

  • Micro Massage Sensation

  • Physical & mental relaxation


SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is located in the Layton Hills Mall. Enter through the Food Court & take the escalator to the lower level. Check out their website to see all the adventures that SeaQuest has to offer.

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

1201 N. Hill Field Rd

Layton, UT 84041

(801) 544-4938

Have you ever had a fish pedicure? Did you like it? Did it make your feet feeling refreshed? I would love to hear all about it! Feel free to comment below!


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