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My Experience

I honestly wasn't too fond of the hot springs at first..I was so miserable. The water was seriously so unbearable. When we got to the hot springs we decided to walk past all of the pools and go up further to where the hot springs started. There was a beautiful waterfall up there which we thought would be a great spot to hang out and unwind for the morning. Well, we were wrong! That water ended up being either absolutely freezing or scolding hot. It was insane. When we finally had enough of that we walked back down to the pools and found a spot that was perfect. The water felt absolutely amazing, perfect temperature too. We ended up hanging out for a good couple of hours before we headed back.

Things to know before you visit

  • The trail to the Hot Springs is about 2.5 miles

  • I would recommend going early. The parking lot fills up fast. We got there around 7:45AM and there were about 4 vehicles there at that time. When we got back to the parking lot it was complete chaos. It was so packed. There were vehicles parked every which way. Some were even parked blocking other cars in. People were still driving in to look for open spots with no where to turn around. (I swear Utah is the state with the worst drivers! I get Instant road rage here.) There even were several cars lined up and down the road as well. Being there that early turned out great. Highly recommend it.

  • Bring extra clothes to change into. You do not want to walk all the way back in wet clothes.

  • Nudity. It is not allowed but don't be surprised if you see a person or two just letting it all hang out.

I would love to hear from you guys! Have you ever been to a hot springs? What was your experience like? Please share in the comments below!


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