Over the weekend, Jerod & I traveled down to the central area of Utah to take a dip in Meadow Hot Springs. The hot springs are located on private property in the middle of, seriously, nowhere. It's literally located in a cow pasture. The owner of the property has generously made it available to the public.

Things to know before you go!

As you arrive at the springs, you will see a large parking lot. It is very uneven and rough. I would not recommend driving through if you have a car. There are 3 hot springs total on the property, which all are very easy to access. They are conveniently located right around the edge of a circle drive. You can either park and walk the path or drive to each. It wraps all the way around leading back to the entrance/parking lot.

Our experience

We arrived at 10:30 am on Saturday. I was wanting to get there early just to make sure we avoided the crowds, but it really wasn't an issue. The only people we had to share the springs with were a group of boy scouts and their leaders. They were no bother at all. As soon as we got there, the scouts ran over to the first pool and took it over so we didn't get a chance to test it our but I did put my feet in for a hot second & it was hot! The second pool was a bit cooler, I mean it was warm and all but just not as hot as the first one. We spent our time in this one. It was really refreshing! The third pool was the largest, coldest, home of little fishes, and the cattle's drinking hole.

I've been wanting to come check it out for a while now and I'm so excited we finally did. We had a wonderful time!


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